RECON Offshore expands teaming

RECON Offshore is always expanding teaming and services for archaeology, cultural resources and maritime archaeology. Check out our new teaming partner E2PM: E2 Project Management LLC is pleased to announce our newest service offerings in the fields of Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources Management. In addition to the top-notch historic architectural and archaeological services we […]

Cultural Resource Management (CRM)

Great summary article about Cultural Resource Management (CRM) on land. Can be applied to our work offshore in underwater archaeology for ports, harbors, dredging, offshore sand sourcing, offshore wind farms, pipelines, corridors, etc… the list goes on!

Hiring, Teaming, and Partners

RECON Offshore is seeking interested contractors and individuals for employment, teaming, and partnering. Specifically seeking underwater and maritime archaeologists, submerged prehistoric archaeologists (submerged prehistoric), archaeological GIS specialists, and maritime historians. RECON is a worldwide provider of marine archaeology services focusing on submerged cultural resources management. Interested in working or teaming? Got any project needs?