About Us

We started RECON Offshore with a simple strategy:

To provide clients with the expertise and quick response necessary to navigate all aspects of maritime archaeology projects no matter how big or small, worldwide.

That is all we do…

Jason Burns, M.A., RPA

Jason is the co-founder and Principal of RECON Offshore. A US Navy veteran, he has been successful as a project manager, professional maritime archeologist, and marine surveyor with 23 years of experience.  He has worked for federal/state government agencies, worked as a private consultant, and for non-profit/museum entities giving him a wide variety of experience. Jason has a successful record of contract procurement/management, fundraising and grant writing, public speaking, and has published a variety of scholarly articles. Jason is the developer and owner of the website, Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History Jobs, https://underwaterarchaeologyjobs.com/, which posts opportunities around the world daily.

Michael Krivor, M.A., RPA

Michael is the co-founder and Principal at RECON Offshore. He has over 25 years experience in all aspects of Submerged Cultural Resource Management (SCRM) including business development/client relations, daily operations/scheduling, project management, proposal writing, budgeting, logistics, remote sensing survey, data analysis, diver investigations, report writing and production. Michael has successfully completed more than 150 maritime archaeology projects around the world including North America, the West Indies, South America, Africa, and throughout the Pacific. His passion includes using his expertise in maritime archaeology to work in the most remote locations around the globe.

Profile artwork provided by Memphis-based artist Lamar Sorrento. Please visit his website